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Perioperative medicine and administration of anesthesia during surgery is a highly specialized field. Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital will offer personalized treatment to all patients through the services of well experienced and qualified anesthesiologists to help make all major and minor surgeries a success.

Critical Care

The intensive and Critical Care Unit at Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital would be well equipped and managed to provide special treatment for major medical complications and offer lifesaving assistance. Experienced and qualified medical professionals would have state of the art equipment to cater to patient needs.


The department of dentistry would offer complete oral care and dental surgery facilities in a quality controlled and hygienic environment. Specialized surgeons would be available for consultation and treatment.

Emergency & Trauma Care

Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital places special emphasis on the provision of the best possible services in emergency and trauma care due to the lack of existing facilities in the area. Medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters and health complications place a heavy toll on human life in the area due to the lack of access. The Hospital would be fully equipped to international standards to cater all such emergencies and would be having state-of-the-art ambulance service.

General Medicine

All major and minor ailments would be treated to at the Hospital through a team of qualified medical practitioners. From seasonal problems to serious and chronic diseases, Umm-e-Ilyas hospital is going to be the best equipped facility in order to deal with any health issue proficiently and competently.

General Surgery

Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital will have modern and well-equipped operation theatres and surgical facilities. Using the latest medical technology and techniques, our team of surgeons would be equipped to provide services whenever required.


Post-delivery care for new mothers is an a often ignored segment particularly in this region which results in high mortality rates. Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital intends to engage experienced medical staff to help ensure a healthy mother and child through its pre and post-natal care.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Female health is one of the top priority areas of Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital. The hospital would have the best facilities in the region and the doctors shall provide obstetrical and gynecological care to female patients. From general health to normal and cesarean deliveries, the Hospital would help ensure healthy mothers and babies.


Pediatric and child health requires special attention. Umm-e-Ilyas Hospital will have a team of pediatric specialists and surgeons available to attend children who come for medical aid as well as consultations.